Advertising Note:

The Masonic Safety Identification Program is a Masonic Program developed to work in conjunction with the DCJS and their Amber Alert System. In order to maintain this free service, the Grand Master will allow Businesses to co-sponsor events or help fund impart this program. This page has been dedicated to the supporters of the MSID Program, without their support the program would be impossible to maintain. Businesses listed have donated time, money or other considerations to make the MSID Program successful. Although this program is free to all participants it could be priceless as an aid to Law Enforcement personal. This program is a community service provided by the Grand Lodge of Free and Accepted Masons in the State of NY at the direction of the Grand Master. The Grand Master continues to see the value of this much-needed program and has made this one of his Community Service Projects. Grand Lodge, Grand Master nor the Executive Committee endorsee's the Companies that are listed here in. It is our way of saying thank you to like-minded business owners that support their communities in which they live and do business. When possible support those that support us. There is a place for you to evaluate your experience with the companies after you have used their service. This information can help potential customers pick and choose where they do business.

Thank you.
The Masonic Safety ID Committee